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My greetings and good wishes to all IELTS students, IELTS is an effort to help all of you guys in order to have a very good result for all of you. So through this effort, it is my objective to share with you the ANSWERS related to IELTS.

In this, you will get the answers to Listening, Reading, and General Reading as well as the speaking cue cards from time to time. Also, share your writing tips.

I have often seen students who online search for listening, reading, and general reading are done. See, it is understandable that whenever we search for listening answers, we find the four sections of the answer together at the same time. Are done.

So my biggest focus is how to search for answer keys for academic reading and general reading. See, whenever a student prepares for IELTS, he has no knowledge of books.

So whenever you have to search for any answer key online, search by typing the topic of listening academic reading, and general reading. If the topic in the Listing and Reading page is not on the start page, then you can search by typing whatever topic is there on the securing page, or in an answer key, you will have to search for the answer through the starting centenary.

So whenever you have to search for reading answers online whether it is academic reading or general reading, you should search by looking at the title of the reading passage. It is also to see that by typing the same title of reading passage 1, passage 2, and passage 3, I have written the title at the top of the title passage 1, passage 2, and passage three together.

One more thing, whenever you search on answer mobile, search in desktop mode. I hope that you get the most out of it and also tell others about it.

Thank you  

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