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Canada IRCTC should set a deadline to eliminate its application backlog and implement accountability measures to ensure that the deadline is met, a House of Commons standing committee has said in its report. The demanding yet unprocessed emic immigration backlog Suk Dolly Wall chair of the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration goes so far as to call for the establishment of a special function to deal with the challenge, unfortunately, the number of applications exceeds the processing capacity. The transition to a digital processing environment has faced major challenges, creating a seemingly insurmountable backlog. Dolly Wall wrote in that report that immigration authorities in Canada had to deal with a mountain of 2,1166,00 applications. The number of applications being faced included approximately one million 9365 applications, considered backlogged or more.


IRCTC service standards As of October 31, the most recent date for which data was available, there were 1,256 600 applications for temporary residents, of which 47% were in that backlog, IRCTC had 639,000 applications for permanent residents and 45% of them. Backlogged Immigration officers seem to be doing better at keeping track of citizenship applications, by the time October ended there were 271,000 applications and only 21% of them were backlogged, we are working on reducing the backlog of applications within our list. Are taking action for.


IRCTC notes on its website that while we aim to process 80% of the applications within our service standards, this may lead to expected delays in some very complex cases or when we received requests before their files were finalized in February last year. Require more information from your customers. The Committee decided to study the application backlog and processing times and began holding meetings from May 5 of the year until the end of November. It heard from 44 witnesses, including lawyers and consultants, settlement workers, industry advocates, and refugee organizations, about these backlogs. We have heard about the trouble it is causing.

Issues and Solutions

Foreign nationals applying for permanent residency, temporary foreign workers seeking work permits to fill jobs in Canada, and international students whose studies may be adversely affected by delays in application processing, the Standing Committee on Business Also heard from organizations who said Canada’s reputation suffers when business people can’t come here The backlog of time to attend conferences is hurting Canada’s reputation abroad, business groups say. Canada’s reputation at the events was damaged when participants were not able to attend due to not being able to get visas, with Claire Lune Noisy, president of the Quebec SE advocacy group, reportedly telling the standing committee that tour operators should be able to accommodate international groups. There have also been challenges in bringing it to

Future Action

Beth Potter, president and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, reportedly said that on December 14 this year, the standing committee released its report, which included a list. Here are 40 recommendations to the House of Commons to reduce the backlog and improve the processing of immigration applications, IRCTC automatically issues postgraduate work permits to students who have completed their studies, IRCTC Employment and Social Development Canada are working with ESDC and. Governments of the Quebec provinces and territories that are more aware of labor needs and those within their jurisdictions take immediate steps to address the labor force crisis in Canada by developing comprehensive economic education and training plans that target labor in the near and middle. Will address market needs.

In the long term future, IRCTC will electronically issue an acknowledgment of receipt when the file is submitted online, respecting the jurisdiction of Quebec and the provinces receiving and approving private sponsorship applications to all privately sponsored refugees. imposes refugee determination requirements, the IRC has abolished it. Reliance on UNHCR to select and process refugee applications and instead expanding the list of referral partners to include other trusted established organizations to assist in selecting and processing refugee applications, the integrity framework of the IRCTC program, and Addressing concerns about the new set of requirements.

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