How did you balance UPSC preparation with your college studies?

How did you balance UPSC preparation with your college studies?
Gaurav is to be thanked for the A2A.

I had spent my college years practicing for the UPSC. I could only pass the exam as a result after succeeding. Here, I’m going to share my experience. Hope this is useful to you guys.

1. It was challenging to balance attending classes, taking college examinations, and practicing for the UPSC. So, prior to tests, I used to concentrate on my college coursework (not more than a week). The remainder of the semester was devoted to UPSC. Additionally, I used to perform well on college tests.

2. I received a lot of assistance from my buddies in attending classes. In my college, attendance was required at 75%. People frequently use proxies to maintain attendance. However, I wouldn’t formally endorse it.

3. I sat on the back bench. Thus, reading history or geography while seated on the final bench in a class was commonplace.

4. UPSC was the focus of the final two years of college. But I used to hang out with my buddies too. It just served to clear my head and give me newfound vigor.

5. Because there is a library, a gym, and a sports field at the college. I therefore frequently went there in the past.

6. I used to get bored studying UPSC throughout my college years or I used to skip studying it for a few days because of college exams. I believe it occurs to everyone. Then I would watch TV shows or movies with my buddies who were also studying for the UPSC. Take some time to relax. And as soon as you can, return to your studies. The most important thing is to rest up before returning to UPSC.

7. It’s challenging to focus in college since when my buddies were out having fun and playing games, I was in my room with Laxmikant. But I suppose it’s the cost I had to pay. I think there is only one option: either endure the anguish of punishment for two years or endure the misery of failure and regret for the rest of your life. And the day I was chosen made it all worthwhile.

8. In my opinion, college is a place where you have a lot of free time (not to imply that courses and college studies are excessive; everyone knows about mass bunk, proxy, sitting in hostels, and strolling in college canteens). In any case, you’ll get 3–4 hours of uninterrupted free time. whatever else you can infer from your coursework and other materials.

9. In my opinion, the college offers inexpensive access to services like meals, wifi, hostel lodging, and the library. So there is also no financial burden.

10. I also started coaching locally in my community. After college, I used to attend the coaching in the evening. During college exams, I also used to attend coaching sessions.

11. No one bothered to double-check the list of college graduates from 2016 who appeared in the CSE 2016 (when I came to the IRS) and must have passed when my institution welcomed successful alumni of the Civil Services Exam in 2016, so they didn’t even invite me. I didn’t receive a call from my college till after I successfully passed CSE 2017 (when I was accepted back into IPS). Although I have no complaints in this instance, I do hope the college changes it for future qualified applicants.

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