Read the story of the courage of a girl who came out of coma to become an IRS officer

Today we are going to tell something new about such a girl, if you read this story, you will be shocked. The name of that Kadki is Sarika, she had polio at the age of just 2 years. After this she went into coma.

After battling coma for one and a half years, he completed his school and college studies with great difficulty. After this, as soon as he decided that he has to prepare for IAS. After that his family members understood that a demon had possessed him. Let us know how he prepared in such a situation and how he became an IRS officer.

Sarika was born in a joint family in Katwanjhi, a small town in Odisha. He got polio at the age of 2. Even Sarika’s parents did not know what polio was. When the parents took Sarika to the doctor, the doctor also realized that she might have malaria.

After this the doctor gave him an injection. After the injection, 50 percent of his body had stopped working. She had gone into a coma.

I have been in a coma for a year and a half
Sarika remained bedridden in a state of coma for one and a half years. It was a difficult time for my family, but my parents did not give up. After many attempts, I finally started walking at the age of 4.

children used to throw stones
Sarika had recovered but it was difficult to get her admitted to school. No school wanted to admit him here. Even when I got admission in a school with great difficulty, children used to tease me and used to throw stones at me. By doing this he somehow completed his school and college studies.

there was pressure to marry
After the completion of college, Sarika’s family wanted her to get married, but the problem was who would marry a girl suffering from polio. Just because of this, they had accepted that they would not be able to get married.

started preparing for ca
Sarika says in an interview, ‘I had sought permission from my family members to prepare for CA. My parents supported me. After that I started preparing. Although after being at home for a long time I had forgotten even credit and debit but did not give up. Finally after a long struggle I passed the CA exam. Now became CA.

This is how I got inspiration for UPSC preparation
Sarika had now become a CA. There was an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Meanwhile, once while traveling in a train someone told Sarika about IAS. Sarika says in an interview, I asked her what is this IAS. To become an officer, I knew that now I have to become this officer.

The family members said – the ghost had ascended
Sarika says, ‘When I told my family members that now I have to prepare for UPSC. The family members thought that I was possessed by some evil spirit. Why do I want to leave a good career and do this, but when I explained to them, they gave me one and a half year’s time.

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