Country’s first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi ji says that whatever you want to get, you have to fight, you have to fight, nowadays there is a lot of crowds, there is a lot of competition, in that you have to win, you have to work hard, you have to fight, you have to increase your concentration and that place Your ability to stop will also take you further

Seeing Kiran Bedi for everyone, I want to become Kiran Bedi, but Kiran Bedi fulfills her dream by seeing whom, today we will know that Sarla Agarwal was a Deputy Commissioner in Himachal Pradesh and Kiran Bedi’s father always supported her.

They used to say that look, this lady takes care of all the districts, because of her Kiran Bedi got attracted, after listening to all, Kiran Bedi should think that I want to become something good, I want to work for the government, it is not right to keep bowing my hands in front of anyone.

So we have a stick, we should work with a stick, Kiran Bedi used to think like this Kiran Bedi ji joined NCC when she was in class 8th and give a hundred percent, she was in NCC for 4 years and Kiran Bedi ji was fond of it since childhood.

It used to be in his mind from childhood that wearing a dress is to go to the army, his mother’s hundred percent was there and his father’s hundred percent was given to motivate both of them together and Kiran Bedi’s for sister If you are at home, then study, if you are in the ground, then tennis and display are well kept by your parents, everything is good. We were from but we used to give our hundred percent hard work.

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