Gamini Singla, who holds the third-best UPSC score and aspires to be an IAS official

UPSC score- A graduate of Punjab Engineering College received an AIR 3 in the UPSC civil services.

Gamini Singla, 23, a graduate of the Chandigarh-based Punjab Engineering College (PEC), placed third in the 2021 civil services examination.

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released the results on Monday. Gamini Singla, a resident of Anandpur Sahib, Punjab, graduated from PEC with a B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering in 2019. (CSE)

She claimed that becoming an IAS official was her early ambition. She was working on her preparations at home, relying on her own research. She added that her father used to read the newspaper for her so she could save time, saying, “My family, especially my father has supported me a lot emotionally and in my studies as well.

“We used to talk about school, and he understood what was significant to me. That has really helped me out,” she added.

Her brother is an IIT Kharagpur graduate, and her father, Dr. Alok Singla, and her brother, Dr. Neeraj Singla, are all medical officers in the Himachal Pradesh government.

She was described as a diligent and sincere student by her teacher, Professor Rajesh Bhatia, PEC. She was the class spokesperson, and during campus placements, she received a job offer. However, she declined it because she wanted to pursue a career in the federal service, he added.

He added that she persisted in her efforts to pass the exam even after she failed to pass it on her first try.

Baldev Setia, the director of PEC, stated that it is an honor for the school that one of its graduates placed among the top candidates in the UPSC civil services examination. He remarked, “Her accomplishment will inspire many of our graduates in the future.”

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