IAS Topper 2021: Aishwarya Verma (AIR 4)

IAS Topper 2021- Aishwarya Verma received 1039 out of a possible 2025 points in the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021, enough for fourth place overall. Continue reading to learn more about Aishwarya Verma’s history, study habits, number of tries, UPSC optional courses, etc.

In the list of top IAS candidates, Shruti Sharma, Ankita Agarwal, and Gamini Singla are ranked first, second, and third, respectively.

Background of Aishwarya Verma, IAS Topper in 2021
Aishwarya finished his studies at the Madhya Pradesh campuses of Ujjain, Neemuch, and Katni. In 2017, he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology from Pant Nagar University of Agriculture and Technology in Uttarakhand. He was in Delhi preparing for the UPSC IAS exam when the Covid outbreak began.

educational history
In the state of Uttarakhand, Aishwarya Verma finished her intermediate and matriculation coursework.
In 2017, he graduated from the G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in Uttarakhand with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering.
Aishwarya Verma began his preparation for the UPSC Civil Services shortly after receiving his degree, but he had to leave Delhi in 2020 because of the COVID-19 epidemic. Since that time, he has been studying independently at home.

Shivya Verma Family and Friends Support
Mr. Aishwarya Verma is from a middle-class family, and his father is employed at a bank. He claims he would be telling the truth if he said the setbacks didn’t cause him to lose faith in himself or examine alternative possibilities. My resumé was blank, he said. I was aware that if civil service didn’t work out, I could have to work hard to find a secure job. After my third effort, I felt quite confident, but I was unsuccessful. At that point, I was at my weakest, yet my parents helped me out. They have consistently reassured me that I should move forward and that they will assist me in every way.

The success of Aishwarya Verma
After graduating, Mr. Aishwarya Verma bypassed university placements and began studying for the civil service. In his last year, he decided to take the exam while working an internship.

In his fourth attempt, Aishwarya achieved all-India rank 4. He claimed that his initial effort was somewhat of a trial and error and that he was unable to get past the initial step. He was unsuccessful in his second and third attempts to advance to the stage of the personality test and interview.
With a roughly 98 percent passing grade on the CAT exam in 2019, Aishwarya Verma graduated. He intended to pursue his MBA as a side career after his fourth attempt.

After achieving his objective, he is now prepared to continue on the path of working in the industry he desired. Additionally, he wants to absorb as much information as he can from his elders and apply what he has learned.

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