Yaksh Chaudhary, who received a rank of six in the UPSC, discusses the interview-round questions.

rank of six in the UPSC- Yaksha Chaudhary, who received the sixth-place finish in the UPSC exam, disclosed the interview-round questions as well as his preparation process.

Yaksha Chaudhary, who obtained the sixth-place ranking in the UPSC, explains his exam-clearing method.
He was employed by the CRPF as an assistant commandant.
He wants to contribute to society in some way.

Yaksha Chaudhary, who currently holds the sixth place in the UPSC, recently spoke to India Today’s Aaquil Jameel about his journey to success. The UPSC, also known as the Union Public Service Commission, published the UPSC Civil Services Final Result 2021 on May 30 on upsc.gov.in. According to the results of the main exams and personality tests, 685 candidates have been hired.

According to the official UPSC website, there are 749 open positions, of which 180 seats will go to IAS cadres, 37 to IFS, 200 to IPS, 242 to Central Services Group A, and 90 to Group B Services.


Could you please describe the steps that led to your success?

While I was still in college, I began studying for the UPSC exam. I thoroughly immersed myself in the planning once I finished college. My third effort at the civil service was this one. I was unable to pass the preliminary exams on my first try. I attended the interview on my second try, but I was not selected for the shortlist.

And I placed sixth in this effort. I have given my preparation for the civil service exam my all. I was quite fortunate to achieve such a high grade on this attempt.

What were your top three driving forces during the whole procedure?

I felt inspired to contribute to society. I’ve observed issues all around me. In order to help with problem resolution, I wanted to be a part of the administration. During my time in college, I participated in a variety of social activities that allowed me to contact and assist those who lived close to the college campus.

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